Wild Rain by Manuel Lopes



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Wild Rain: Drought, Hunger and Emigration – These three topics dominated Capeverdean fiction and poetry.

Each Capeverdean writer has traditionally positioned themselves in one, two or all the angles of the triangle to view life in the archipelago. Drought brings hunger and emigration, and this is the overall view of Wild Rain. The book with approximately 200 pages is a novel of multiple ironies and tensions provoked by the dichotomy of characters trying to avoid the paradoxical march of the drought.

The author, Manuel Lopes was born on the island of Sao Vicente. He lived in the city of Coimbra, Portugal, for sometime, and then he returned to Cabo Verde. He also lived in the Azores. He is one of the founders of the Claridade Movement in 1936. He is a poet, an essayist and novelist.