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Massachusetts and Rhode Island – the meca of Cabo-verdean and Portuguese speaking community!
Since the fourteen hundreds Caboverdeans have had a presence in the United States under the Portuguese identity and today more than 1 million claim to speak the language in Southern New England.

Because of its geostrategic location between Europe, America, Africa and Asia – the archipelago of Cabo Verde acted as a staging post for trade with African mainland. During the 16th century specially, it was dominated by slave traffic from coastal areas of Guinea. However, true Caboverdean participation to the history of the United States was recently discovered as the engagement in the Revolutionary War of Plato Turner, Cato Howe, Prince Goodwin, and Quamany Quash were being researched. All four soldiers were believed to have come from Guinea through Cabo Verde. These four men from Plymouth were among 572 blacks who served in Massachusetts armies during the Revolution. In return for patriotic services and key roles in the War, they were freed from slavery; the Town of Plymouth in 1792 awarded them a grant of land to clear and develop of which they named the New Guinea Settlement. The historical record shows that we have joined white Europeans and Indians very early in the building and defending of America and have established here ever since.

CaboVerdeOnline.com is the most visited Cabo-verdean virtual community on the web and reaches out to those that speak the language as well as many generations born in the USA and around the world that no longer speak Portuguese or Creole but consider themselves a part of the heritage and culture. You can rest assure that your message is properly delivered as our customer membership continues to grow.

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