Cabo-verdians are famous for their friendliness and hospitality. The climate is perpetually sunny and welcoming. Cool breezes provide for a natural air conditioner environment and great care has been taken to preserve and enhance the natural beauty…

At the crossroad of the three continents that border the Atlantic, there is an obligatory stop in the middle of the ocean, the archipelago of Cabo Verde Islands. Located 450 km off the coast of Senegal, it is composed of 10 islands and 8 islets. Of volcanic origin and positioned between parallels 15 and 17 of the North latitude, Cabo Verde is made up of two distinctly different types of islands. Its six inhabited islands, located more to the West, are characterized by their mountainous landscapes, whereas the remaining three are distinguished by their long sandy beaches.

The islands are divided into two groups named according to the trade winds that reach them from the African Continent: windward and leeward. The first group consists of the islands of Santo Antão, S.Vicente, Santa Luzia (unhabited), S.Nicolau, Sal, Boavista, and the second, more to the South, comprises the islands of Maio, Santiago, Fogo and Brava.

The sun spreads its warmth the whole year round, soothed by the fresh sea breeze. The climate is tropical and dry. The average temperature is approximately 25°C and changes do not exceed 10°C. With vast beaches that allow for all types of water sports, impressive mountains, high quality fish, various types of delicious seafood and the melodious beauty of its music, all distinguish Cabo Verde as an exciting tourist destination.

If you are looking for a true adventure, come experience the variety of Cabo Verde Islands. From sky-high mountains and sea-deep valleys to mysterious mists and beautiful flowers. From fine white beaches and turquoise blue seas to dreamy desert beaches and unbroken dunes. But if tranquility and hospitality is what your seeking just relax on the famous medicinal black sands of Cabo Verde Islands.

A volcanic mountainous island paradise for climbers and mountain bikers. A hot climate, coffee and grapes. Magnificent panoramas and traditional feasts.


Like Boavista with space, tranquility and hospitality. Endless beaches and warm, crystal clear waters. Beautiful bays and fishing villages.

São Vicente

A cosmopolitan island with the city of Mindelo and Porto Grande. Majestic mountains, beaches, horse riding, windsurfing, carnivals and crafts. Music and dancing.


Fine white beaches and turquoise blue seas. Sal has the international airport and an eye to tourism. Watersports, fishing, horse riding or peace and privacy. Good hotels and the famous salt deposits.

São Nicolau

An island of old volcanoes and ancient Dragon trees. Wild landscape, numerous mountains and beaches. High-sea fishing and the famous medicinal black sands of Tarrafal.


Small but passionate. An island of dreams, mysterious mists and beautiful flowers. Cooler with lush vegetation, fresh fish and a great variety of seafood. Off the coast, there are two beautiful islets packed with wildlife, sandy beaches and divers haven.


The largest of the islands with the capital city – Praia. Superb landscapes, lush vegetation, mountains and beaches. Strong African influences, festivals and markets.

Santo Antão

Sky-high mountains and sea-deep valleys. From tropical vegetation to almost Alpine air. Breathtaking views and a totally pure environment. Traditional feasts and grogue, the Cabo Verde brandy.

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