The journey by ferry in Cabo Verde Islands is by far the best option for tourists, which also sees in the duration of travel, reasons to appreciate the coastline in route to its destinations. Also, the epidemiological situation caused by Covid-19 requires avoiding gatherings and respecting the distances between people, so KRIOLA II with its larger spaces including outdoors, is much safer than cramped indoor spaces of airplanes. The seats are more spaced, there is the possibility to book a cabin, First-Class seating and access to bridges and private outdoor areas.

The spaces of KRIOLA II also allow more freedom of movement but above all comfort: larger armchairs, bed options, TV, bar and restaurant and you can converse with your travel friends more freely. You can also board a vehicle, unlike by plane where restrictions are also imposed on the size of luggage. Some people may say that at the same distance to travel, air travel is certainly less long, but we must also consider the time lost for check-in and the advance notice with which you have to show up at the airport before the flight departure. In Cabo Verde, the pain of frequent flight changes and cancellations, travel by ferry KRIOLA II makes a lot sense and saves a lot of money and headaches.

Cabo Verde Ferry Services is the only ferry company in Cabo Verde operating with a fleet of new and state-of-the-art ferries offering long term planning and a dependable year-round ferry services. You’ll love maritime island hopping in Cabo Verde – A unique travel experience offered only by Cabo Verde Ferry Services, a company of

Plush-cushioned interior airline-style seating assignments at 4 different fare levels; first-class amenities; incredible ocean views, air conditioning and privacy. Choose relaxing and panoramic large window seats, or comfortable center seats. Our Premium Cabin & VIP Lounge offers private settings, private bathroom and ultra-comfort.

Restaurant/Bar: The Kiosk features dishes created with the finest local ingredients plus an assortment of chips, sandwiches, and drinks are a few of the items available. Guests can enjoy a selection of entertainment on flat screen televisions featuring local documentaries, infomercials and movies.

At CVFS, we care for passengers with limited mobility and special needs. Trained staff assist at the port as well as on the vessel. Wheelchair accessibility is accommodated by onboard elevator to all floor decks. There are outlets for power supply of medical equipment, and it’s OK to bring your own oxygen tanks on board. There is also a special Medic Room for medical evacuation purposes for those that require extra care and comfort.

The Cove is a unique gift shop at sea that bridges the islands by offering a collection of exquisite items such as wearables, spices, jewelries, purses, soaps and toiletries that are “made in Cabo Verde.” The shop is also stocked with newspapers, magazines and Guide, where passengers have access to reference manuals for ground transportation, airlines, hotels, special events calendars, churches and much more.




CVFS has broadened the horizons of interisland group travel. With our dependable schedule and drive-on, drive-off capability, bookings such as clubs, motorcyclists, and sports teams are easily accommodated. Advance reservations and special onboard arrangements for groups of 10 or more are handled through our group sales department.

  • We make the going great for groups with:
    Advance reservations and ticketing to ensure you get the travel dates you want and any special needs are taken care of prior to departure.
  • Special check-in station set up at the pier for passengers and vehicle security clearances.
  • Section reserved in the passenger deck for group seating.
  • Food vouchers purchased and distributed in advance.
  • Onboard meetings and logistics arranged so the sailing time is used productively.
  • Equipment stored in your vehicle so contents are safe and secure below decks.

Now, there’s a choice of travel for going from one island to another. School groups, sports teams, conferences and relatives going to a family reunion…we welcome you all onboard the ferry KRIOLA II. For reservations and additional information, call (+238) 262-0444.

Travel with CVFS means you can bring your car, eliminating the need to check-in your luggage. Whether it’s an extended stay or a day trip, we can accommodate a variety of passenger and commercial vehicles.

Your vehicle category is based on the height and length of your vehicle. The height of your vehicle includes any roof-top luggage or other items (such as bicycles) attached to the roof of your vehicle. The length of your vehicle includes any boats or trailers your vehicle is towing.




A commercial vehicle, is any vehicle registered with a commercial license.




There are four categories for your vehicle:

Standard vehicles are under 2.5 meters high and under 4.5 meters in length. Most standard passenger and SUV vehicles fall under this category.

Long vehicles are under 2.5 meters high and are between 4.5 meters to 6 meters in length. If you are towing a container, trailer, or boat, you will probably fall under this category and should purchase LONG space.

Standard (Commercial) vehicles have the same height and length restrictions as a Car or SUV but are registered as a commercial vehicle. This type should purchase LONG space.

Long (Commercial) vehicles have the same height and length restrictions as a Pickup or Van but are registered as a commercial vehicle. Any Commercial vehicle transporting cargo will purchase space based on WEIGHT from 5 TON to 20+ TON.

For a vehicle over the measurements above, please call our Reservations Center at +238-262-0444 for a quote, reservations and booking.