Deck Plan

The 70 meters long KRIOLA II, our second generation ferry, accommodates 400 passengers and 48 vehicles with a cruising speed of 15 knots. Built of steel, it is built for durability, dependability, fun, comfort and best of all, there is plenty of room to move about with an outdoor space to enhance your onboard experience. The monohull vessel – KRIOLA II – is well-suited for ocean conditions of Cabo Verde to provide a safe and stable ride. Built by Damen Shipyards, one of the world’s largest builders of ROPAX ferries, the vessel incorporates the most advanced marine technology and safety equipment and standards. The vessel incorporates 4 decks:

  • Cabin & Bridge Deck: The ship is controlled from this deck and that’s where private passenger cabins are located.


  • Premium Class Deck: Here is where people lounge in comfortable seats, move around the saloon or just enjoy the view from indoor or outdoor during their crossing. Passengers in Cabin & First Class are served pre-ordered meals and beverages while those in Business Class will be able to procure meals and drinks from the restaurant.


  • Economy Class Deck: Passenger in economy class have access to Restaurant in upper deck to purchase meals and beverages.


  • Vehicle & Medic Room Deck: Vehicles “small or large” drive onto the ferry via this deck and are parked accordingly. This deck also accommodates Medic Room for passengers in need of medical evacuation and those with limited mobility can access elevator to upper decks.


Continue reading for details and illustrations of the vessel decks.

The ship is controlled from the state-of-the-art wheelhouse. During docking the captain has access to each side of the vessel in the bridge wings to port and starboard. Adjacent to the wheelhouse, Captain and Chief Engineer are housed on this deck with quick access to the wheelhouse. The bridge also accommodates private passenger cabins, kitchen and food service area for the crew members. Passengers other than in Cabin and First Class are not permitted on the bridge deck.

The Passenger Deck is where people can lounge in comfortable seats, gather around to “talk story,” move around the saloon or just enjoy the view. In the center of the saloon is the elegant food service area for a byte and beverages. Entertainment options including television, documentaries, infomercials and movies offering for everyone. The aft VIP room features another bar/food service area for Cabin & First Class passengers. The open aft deck offers a place to enjoy the view in the fresh ocean air.

The economy class saloon features a well-equipped room with easy access to food services on upper deck. Passengers can enjoy ocean view and coastline of the islands through a large window glasses. All decks have elevator access and large staircases for ease of traffic flow.

During medical evacuations, ambulances can drive all the way to the Medic Room to discharge patients to their comfortable bed. The reverse happens at destination so patients are transported with respect and dignity.
Cars and heavier vehicles are parked on this deck. Smaller vehicles are directed to the forward end of the ship where they turn around and are parked facing aft to allow quick off-loading at the destination. Large trucks that cannot turn around will back on so they can depart quickly when the ship docks. The ship uses an electric system to hoist ramps.