Cabo Verde was the first Portuguese colony to have a school for higher education. By the time of independence, a quarter of the population could read, compared to 5% in […]


Since the origin of history, Caboverdeans have been a largely mestizo: 80 percent of the population is mestizo, 17 percent black and 3 percent white. Little by little, Cabo Verde […]


The national dish, “catchupa”, is a stew of hominy and beans with fish or meat. It means home to Caboverdeans everywhere. Catchupa is a slow boiled stew of hominy corn, […]


The vestiges of Portuguese culture are much more evident than those of African culture, although this is less true on Santiago Island, which has a significant number of people of […]

Things to do

The islands of the archipelago of Cabo Verde are windy, hilly and dry – almost lunar – but there’s beauty in them that parched hills. And some of the islands […]

Quick Facts

Full country name: Republic of Cabo Verde Population: approximately 500,000 Area: 4030 sq km (1557 sq mi) Capital city: Praia (pop 110,000) People: Creole (mulatto) 71%, African 28%, European 1% […]