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ADVERTISING WORKS! Massachusetts and Rhode Island – the meca of Cabo-verdean and Portuguese speaking community! Since the fourteen hundreds Caboverdeans have had a presence in the United States under the […]

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ADVERTISING WORKS! Coverage Area International CaboVerdeOnline.com was founded in the year 2000 as a virtual community for cabo-verdeans to meet, chat and shop. The website has served our worldwide community […]

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ADVERTISING WORKS! The Portuguese speaking communities comprise the second largest ethnic group in Massachusetts and the largest in Rhode Island, accounting for more than 1 million people. Furthermore, Portuguese is […]

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ADVERTISING WORKS! CaboVerdeonline.com is open 24 hours a day to the worldwide bilingual travelers and Portuguese speaking community. Besides research and information, it’s an active reservation and booking portal for […]

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ADVERTISING WORKS! CaboVerdeOnline.com is a tourism & transportation virtual portal connecting the islands of Cabo Verde and the community of Portuguese speaking language of USA and the world. The best […]